Are you struggling to transition through change?
Do your days sound like &$@**! ?

Dis-Covering Clarity, Sense, Direction, and Flow is my Passion


Ready to go at the Core of your Story

In your clarity, you seek for that “perfect system” that connects dots brilliantly and inspires your own inner power to grow.  Your mind is curious, objective and intuitive; you listen, you observe, and you are admired for having the discernment that not everyone around has.

You are a seeker of truth, always looking for growth and new ways to understand life at a deeper level. A layer from which authenticity, trust, and meaningful answers show up.

But, in chaos, you get trapped in your own analysis making you feel insecure, powerless, lost and disconnected from your environment. A “never enough” keeps you forcing, resisting, judging, intending to manipulate and distancing TRUST from the necessary actions that manifest YOUR OWN BRILLIANCE, WISDOM & FLOW.


Unveiling the Opportunity

I put in place all the elements necessary for you to expand what it’s been proven over and over again: we all have the power to transform any blockage into clarity, order, and FLOW.

We live in a universe of infinite possibilities where flow is a natural way of being; an intentional state of TOTAL PRESENCE allows us to connect with the power of consciousness and acknowledge what is meant to be manifested through each of us at any moment.

I’m Ana. I’m a deep listener, observer, and an expert at diving within to permanently expand Presence, optimize flow, reinvent myself and discover life to the fullest.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk. I’m happy to be your Total Presence Coach.

Alchemy symbol

You + Me

Embark on a Journey from Ego to Consciousness
Find a Meaningful Personal Purpose that serves you as a Compass
Awake and Re-connect your Inner Power as a Fuel source
Search for Deeper Meaning and travel through the Darkness to bring you to Light
Make Magic with the Presence of your BEING

Total Presence  Journey to Consciousness

Sun Symbol

Wake Up

Transform the victim into a conscious creator


Empower and align intentions with the big why

Un-Cover YourSelf

Bring the unconscious to the conscious

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Transform Ego to Love

Take full advantage of the present

Ready to Let Go & Claim your Power to Transform?

The wisdom of The Essential Formula™ reveals how to release the blockages that have prevented you from living a fullfilling life.

Let’s “dis-cover” together how to train The Essential Formula™ around your personal challenges.

I’m Ana. Total Presence Coach, helping people in Transition understand Universal Laws behind their experiences, access more Purpose, Clarity, Sense of Direction and Flow in Life.

Total Presence Free Course

The Essential Formula™

5 Conscious Shifts to Embrace Change and Re-connect with your Essence

I want to know more

Are you seeking meaningful answers, clarity,

fulfillment and a way to organize your thoughts?

A 4-part FREE course to:

Be clear on what you are confused about,

Re-Connect to the Big Why, and

Asses your Flow

Total Presence 1:1 Coaching

“Dis-cover” layer by layer your Awakening

Clarity, Sense of Direction & Flow with Universal Laws in
Times of Transition

I want to know more

A step by step system that you navigate with my support to train in the art of Consciousness and Flow.

Total Presence Personal Coaching transforms:

Automatic reactions into purposeful responses
Suffering into Joy
Draining thoughts, into an Empowering State of Mind

Total Presence Couple’s Coaching

Co-Creating a new Life Journey

By Choosing to be Aligned with Universal Laws

I want to know more

Step into a world of possibilities and co-creation.

Train in the Art of transforming your personal story and expanding the light of Consciousness, Love and Flow

by taking full advantage of the opportunity offered by the school of the couple’s relationship.

Total Presence Couple’s Coaching transforms:

Being in Love into Permanent Love

Dependency into Self-Love

Distance into Authentic Connections

Obligation into Commitment

Arguing into Safety and Co-Creation

There’s no need to suffer

Or resist all the lessons

Because the Universe rewards us

With Total Presence

I can say that knowing you have been a very special gift in my life…You have the amazing ability to get the best out of one’s self…

Leila GurdiánUSA

Ana brings forth a unique style in coaching, a style that comes from the soul. Her style combines an extremely sharp sense of listening with awareness.

Gabriel Y.Canada

Ana has an extraordinary ability to read and empathize with others, creating a bond that allows challenges in our evolutionary process to look like diamonds.

Ana María CorralesColombia

Ana brings forth a unique style in coaching, a style that comes from the soul …

Gabriel Y.

Your Free Clarity Call

If this is the time for you to Let go,
Find deep meaning & Claim your power to transform

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