Learning to BE Free by unveiling the plan of the soul & enjoying the journey of Consciousness

What does your aura emanate daily?

What imprint are you leaving behind?

Your True SELF is the clarity and simplicity that transpires after deconditioning and reconciling the polarities within you.

It’s all about Energy

The potential that your soul comes to explore is in your genes and has been imprinted from the very moment of conception.

Whether you want it or not, whether you resist it or not, life will lead you to live countless experiences and challenges so that through your decisions, you will find the simplicity of your essence; the one that nourishes and activates your spirit to leave a footprint of consciousness in humanity.

How do you know if you are integrating and making the most of this potential? How do you know if you are making efficient use of your own source of creation? are you aligning your energy with the divine order? or are you forcing, or resisting it, therefore extinguishing the source?

Using your birth chart as a support tool, as well as other holistic practices, images, colors, and keywords, I will help you become familiar with the frequencies that determine your daily inner state; we will explore in a creative and practical way the essence of that unique energetic potential that was given to you and that you will always have at your disposal.

The work will be done in two sessions of 60 to 75 minutes each.

As a compass and self-evaluation mechanism, in this space, we will answer 12 fundamental questions that will serve as a guide for you to contemplate, deepen, and evaluate how you have been managing the balance of this potential in all areas of your life; once you identify it, you can decide what you should “deconstruct to rebuild” the fluidity of your own energy source.

To do this work and determine the date of our first meeting we need your exact date, time, city, and country of birth before the first session.

At the end of this reading, you will have:

  • The recording and the document on which we will work during the two sessions.
  • A roadmap to evaluate the management of your daily vital energy which manifests itself through your relationship with yourself, your health, your resources, and your environment.
  • A global vision of the flow of your source, then you can de-condition what generates charges and train voluntarily the muscle of flow.
  • Codes that activate your right brain (intuition, rhythms of nature, and non-verbal processes), and that will serve as a key to contemplate and work on the patterns that trap you and consume your vitality and fulfillment.

After this reading and as you need support to practice and integrate the information received, you can deepen with Light Sessions in which I support you in the process with coaching, mentoring, or the implementation of other tools depending on your personal needs.

If you have any questions please, let me know!

“Seek the kingdom of Love within and the rest will be provided to you”

Total Presence  Journey to Consciousness

Sun Symbol

Wake Up

Transform the victim into a conscious creator


Empower and align intentions with the big why

Un-Cover YourSelf

Bring the unconscious to the conscious

spiral symbol

Transform Ego to Love

Take full advantage of the present

Namaste; I am Ana; in service of conscious evolution

Learning to BE Free by unveiling the plan of the soul & bringing Joy to the journey of Consciousness

I can say that knowing you have been a very special gift in my life…You have the amazing ability to get the best out of one’s self…

Leila GurdiánUSA

Ana brings forth a unique style in coaching, a style that comes from the soul. Her style combines an extremely sharp sense of listening with awareness.

Gabriel Y.Canada

Ana has an extraordinary ability to read and empathize with others, creating a bond that allows challenges in our evolutionary process to look like diamonds.

Ana María CorralesColombia

Ana brings forth a unique style in coaching, a style that comes from the soul …

Gabriel Y.

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