Through my work with Anita, I began focusing more on identifying my talents and skills, trusting where my career was heading. I launched a project from my heart, using all the coaching material. I feel that I am in a good place in my career and that things are flowing thanks to this inner work. Since then, many more opportunities and good things have emerged.

Maguis Sosa - U.S.A

Having Ana as a coach has been a transformative experience in my life. Through my sessions, I’ve answered many questions I had about my personality and how I react to certain areas or situations. Unveiling consciousness has helped me to grow and to bring balance in critical aspects of my life like my couple’s relationship, family, and work.

Diego Alfaro - U.S.A

Ana is truly an authentic and inspiring coach. I feel she understands me and is an excellent guide on this journey towards discovering how my ego behaviours are preventing me from achieving my life’s purpose. Her mastery of the laws of the Universe allowed her to see where I was not in flow and to slowly and patiently guide me to the path of enlightenment. If you are baffled about why you are not achieving your purpose or if the same negative patterns keep reappearing in your life, I strongly recommend working with Ana. It is a life-changing experience!

Paola Graziani - Canada

Thank you for this powerful coaching experience, your deep listening skills, your positive attitude throughout and for your great explanations. I felt in good hands from the beginning of my journey with you. You are a great guide to a journey of self-discovery and your teachings were very valuable. Thanks for keeping me accountable and focused on the skills I had to develop and the words of wisdom. Throughout our session, I have truly understood the value of vulnerability, I have learned to seek the truth out of my interpretations, to better understand how our ego plays out and learned to speak with authenticity. Developing those skills has helped me to feel empowered in my life, energized and to build greater relationships with my peers, friends, love, and family.

Magali Deschenes - Canada

The coaching sessions with Ana allowed me to acquire very practical tools that give me the opportunity day after day to be present in my learning process, make me aware about my reactions and my ability to decide. I consider it to be an efficient process, focused on results that demands personal commitment without generating a dependency on the coach.”

Alexandra R. - Ecuador

Ana helps me discover many options and see clearly that each one of them would teach me something. Anything I chose would be as perfect as the alternatives. Thanks to Ana’s help I learn to listen to my inner self and connect with my purpose in order to flow with the universe.

Catalina Gómez - Spain

Ana is gentle and her compassion comes across in her coaching sessions.  She is a good coach for me because she always shares truths that lift me up.  Speaking with her on a weekly basis brought more light into my life, more knowledge to transcend my current conditions and more desire and determination to transcend my ego and its limitations".

S.G - U.S.A

Through the coaching sessions with Ana I've become more aware of my thoughts and actions, today I am more detached from my ego and beliefs, today I can transform situations positively, and today I understand that everything that happens in my life makes me a stronger and wiser person.

Ximena Peña - Chile

Ana, I admire you a lot. Your ability to transmit peace in minutes is incredible, as well as your ease in identifying ego and recognizing it is not who we are but, rather, that there is Love within us that allows us to live life in a different way.

Thank you! It was a very difficult moment in my life and you were an invaluable support”

C. S – Colombia

Ana has an extraordinary ability to read and empathize with others, creating a bond that allows challenges in our evolutionary process to look like diamonds. She finds a very simple and easy way for the mind and spirit, to make interpretations that definitely lead you to understand the greatest and most beautiful truths. In my particular experience, she instilled resources in my mind that were like flashes of light".

Ana María Corrales Colombia

You are an extraordinary person. Every day I remember your words and lectures you give me through my process. I apply them by conviction and not because you tell me to do so. You have a divine gift to make me understand what I'm ready to understand and put into practice. The advice you give me has always been wonderful. You make that when we finished the session I want to go out and shout how happy I am. You make me feel unique and special. Thank you so much.

M.I. - USA

You are a love Ana! Working on acceptance with you has marked a before and after in my day to day, thank you. The inner change has been authentic, from a space of comprehension and love. THANKS"

O.C. - Spain

Ana brings forth a unique style in coaching, a style that comes from the soul. Her style combines an extremely sharp sense of listening with awareness as well as a strong ability to re-frame the conversation so as to help her client not to lose focus. It was remarkable how she was able to help me transform the notion of problems into opportunities for growth. Her life experiences coupled with her unique coaching style truly make her a great coach.

Gabriel Y. - Canada

Anita, you arrived into my life when I most needed you!!! You are an enchanting person filled with light and lots of love, guiding me on my life path to flow, learn to love myself, to be full and happy, and live in abundance and love.

My coaching process has been a training to awaken awareness to discover all the power I have, to generate the state of mind that I desire; So I can raise my awareness as a foundation to understand and learn from others, to establish relationships with credibility, trust, and affinity. I have also verified my state of consciousness to transcend and learn from the blockages of my ego. I think that every human being needs a coach on in our life path to learn to live happily, in peace, abundance, and LOVE.

Yaya Olivares - Mexico

The coaching process has strengthened my emotions and thoughts in a way that I am able to use new tools and initiate a profound change in my mental habits. Ana's knowledge and guidance have been a great help for me.

T.O - México

Ana is an angel here to help guide the angels within us all realize they can let go of the baggage and spread their wings.

Kara - USA

After having tried many options, I feel immensely grateful to have found Ana. I perceive in her a wonderful combination of simplicity, consistency, and brilliance of consciousness. Counting with her presence has shown me a before and an after in my life. She came with the information I needed the most and has led me through a path of inner work efficiently transformative.

Diana Peña - Argentina

My quality of life is definitely improved thanks to Ana. I see value in many things, which I never saw. My job is easier and a pleasant daily experience. I also care less about what others think because I am less judgmental as well.
She was there for me all the time.  Always followed up with emails of action plans and summaries of sessions, and provided a mirror for me to look into with every session. I saw the truth in myself. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I am really a changed person for the better and I owe a huge part of it to you!!!

Rodney M. Canada

In my quest to know myself, I had the great opportunity to meet Ana. After talking for the first time I found a connection immediately, thanks to her ability to identify and understand perfectly my transformation process. Even though I had some information about consciousness, Ana helped me validate it day after day.

Anyone who’s in the process of looking for harmony, happiness, and calmness in their lives, can’t find a better coach than Ana. I recommend her so much!

Silvia M - Colombia

I can not thank you enough for all that your work, time and dedication have helped me to find tools to help myself. You taught me how to fish, instead of feeding me the fish. Eternally grateful.

Luigina del Pozo – Mexico

Ana, thanks for the information and the liberating and transforming tools you shared with me through this beautiful process. A conversation with you allows me to dig up anything useless, and not only free it, but prepare the soil to sow the seeds of love that will reach farther than I can tell. Thanks for teaching me to fish and showing me how I can enjoy EVERYTHING.

Claudio G. - Argentina

Claudio G. Argentina

I can only thank you with all my heart these weeks we share together. It was very enriching to become aware of many things that somehow may be ruining my happiness and start transforming my acts and thoughts for love. I feel it is a great job coming, there is a lot to learn, there is much to correct, now I begin the practice and the training ... Thank you for your support, your availability, your words.

Claudia Hernandez – Colombia

I’ve started a meeting and transformation process with my ego I could never have imagined, relying on support and guidance that have been very helpful for me! The entire presence of Ana in each session and her smart abilities to pick just what is needed from my ego to turn it around to bring it to my awareness makes every session a unique weekly experience that lets me deepen, connect and experiment more and more what I REALLY AM!

Someone free of self-imposed restraints reinforced by my environment…

GS – Argentina

Ana is my coach, and her method is neither mechanical nor goes back to your traumas or past, we LIVE AND WORK in the PRESENT, and I love that because we act immediately and the results are evident.

I’m fully aware of each situation I experience, whether I like it or not, and I work as Ana teaches me to make the most of it, to be a better person, AND HAPPY.

R.B – Mexico

I can say that knowing you have been a very special gift in my life…You have the amazing ability to get the best out of one’s self… To help remove that blindfold from our eyes and help us see how wonderful this life can be… Without criticism or judgments. You’re a beautiful person inside and out… whom I deeply admire. Each session with you is an injection of LIFE …

Leila Gurdián USA

Anita thanks for your valuable support. It was very valuable that you were willing to help me when I understood that I needed to get out of a very confrontational and challenging time in my life. It was wonderful how you helped me to see an opportunity to heal in every fear and in every tear, a reason to give birth to a new life. The work continues, every day I intend to be vigilant in giving my best to build my reality ... I am no longer afraid of the basement!!!!!


Ana has contributed to my personal growth process; I couldn’t imagine what would have happened in the last few months if she wasn’t present in my life. She has put me back on the path I had abandoned for a while, the coaching process is the gift I give myself every week to keep going forward.

Gaby Dominguez – USA

God bless you Ana Noriega and that beautiful purpose you fulfill and the heart and conviction of your work. I won’t ever forget you because the support you gave me in the tough times was very very valuable! I’ll eternally thank you.

Zafiro Arias

Ana has the gift of looking into your soul and being so you succeed in the process of evolution that we were born for. It has been a great personal growth and enlightenment experience.

Thanks for your support in this process.

Johana Jaimes Colombia

Anita one of the best things that have happened in my life was having met you. Working with you on my strengths and weaknesses has helped me to believe in me, to always give my best, to trust in the universe, to trust that everything that happens is perfect for our learning and definitely make decisions guided by you gives me the confidence I need to take the next step.

Thanks for everything and for all. I love you!!!

Claudia Fierro – Colombia

Anita is a hidden genius. With an incredible ability to use the right words and suitable examples, she helps you see things about yourself that you had never imagined. She is clear, practical and very loving. She helps ground ideas, not to get tangled in them, and looks for clear actions to implement changes in your life. With the help of Anita, I have learned to value myself more, not to run away from difficult situations, talk to my ego from consciousness, and face my fears of being in a couple's relationship. Thank you, Anita! For your guidance, understanding, support, love, and light.

María F. Olano – Colombia

The coaching process with Ana has been really important to my personal growth. Being able to verify with immediate results this wonderful information has opened the door for me to the abundance of the universe and made me corresponding with increasingly pleasant circumstances. Now I can recognize within me the ability to be happy by myself, appreciate what life gives me, enjoy and give my best in every activity I do, take full advantage and be thankful for each of the opportunities and learning experiences, take responsibility of my life and the results of my decisions and take actions and live from a space of Love. Ana thank you very much for teaching me to listen to life and find my way...

Gabriel Rivera – Ecuador

There’s a word that describes my process: METAMORPHOSIS. Total transformation. Understanding with reason what the heart feels. Feeling open to that empty space in my mind and deciding to vibrate in love and for love. I understood that the ego prevents me from being happy and I let the voice of consciousness within, that I didn’t know existed, to empower my heart and strengthen my being. Thanks Anita for your love, your sweet words, your dedication and everything good that you’ve turned me into, thanks for being so sweet, thanks for being a teacher and guiding me through the path of light.

Lizzeth Marcos – Mexico

Me, my life, my environment have changed completely (110%) since I started my process with Ana. I went from being an afraid, insecure, person with a low self-esteem to understanding that I am a wonderful being of light in constant growth and learning. I see myself now with love and I learn from my fear and insecurity while my self-esteem grows. In each difficult moment, life gives me, I stop, breath, and think, what’s the learning opportunity? I understand now that LIFE’s worth LIVING… That’s why I LIVE. Thanks, Ana, from my heart, hugs!

Sandra C., USA

ENJOYING MY PATH. It’s clear that a session with Ana is often a conversation with yourself, since Ana guides you to understand that the answers to your questions are within you.

Juan Medina - USA

Working with you is a joy and a loving action for my being. We’ll leave a footprint in my eternity to support the new humanity that is to come.

Ximena P. - Colombia

For the first time in my life, I allowed myself to share my life experiences with someone else to analyze, organize and start working on my inner peace and happiness. With a bit of commitment and dedication, I’ve been slowly overcoming the resistance to work on myself, recognizing what I am, what I have, and what’s inside of me. Anita has helped me apply perfectly my studies and what I’ve learned, changing my life regarding my past, my relationship, and making me appreciate and be grateful for my present. With a fantastic talent and always accurate with her tools, care, dedication, and professionalism, she has made EVERYTHING possible for me.

Juan Pablo Cuevas – Colombia

Working with Ana was a dream come true. Ana simply shows you that you have the key and that the Universe rewards you when you allow yourself to learn.

Zuly Lozano - Colombia

Ana has truly helped me to harness my magic. She has a unique vision yet challenging that will force you to see things from a different perspective. You should expect a rigorous methodology, full commitment and a high level of professionalism along the process. Ana is what I call a ‘transformational’ coach.

Jessika-Kina Ouimet - Canada

Ana is a light ... eager to show you a path free of ties, free of prejudice, free of our own ego ... Always willing to listen, without judging, without offending, without making you feel less for not knowing what to do .... I feel that when she listens to me ... before answering ... she takes a breath, as if asking the Universe to enlighten her to guide her words to be those that reach my heart and understanding, and those words reach me, with such fluidity that I appropriate each of them. For me Ana is a great instrument that God (the universe) put into my life.
I appreciate every process that I have lived with her, every tear I have shared with her.
Infinite thanks Ana Noriega.

Eleana Gurdián - Costa Rica

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