Opposites Attract – Opposites Create

My world would never be the same again.

I was lost, I was lonely. I was searching for answers, without even knowing how to ask the right questions.

And almost magically, he appeared.

My mentor, Gerardo, was the polarity I needed at that precise moment in my life. And I didn’t know how little I knew until I met him. I did not see. I was blind.

His wisdom filled my soul.

He guided me with unconditional love, teaching me how to obey Universal Principles.

Teaching me about life. The true meaning of life.

His masculinity balanced perfectly as I was in a state of femininity. He was providing information, while I was gratefully receiving it.

And this is when I started to live again.

I cannot imagine where I may have been today if it were not for this ray of light, shining into my life.

Law of Polarity

Movement, creation, and comprehension are produced between opposites.

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Ana’s Life Lesson

All the information and tools that I needed to continue had been provided to me. When you are in a state of total reception, your ego surrenders and the answers appear.

~ Ana Noriega

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Clarity Call

If this is the time for you to Find deep meaning
& Claim your power to transform

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