Meditation – A Life Guiding Light

I saw a fish at the bottom of the ocean, shaking.

Was I dreaming? No, I was meditating.

And this revealing vision has been with me since 2011.

I see that fish, desperately moving … believing it was going to be eaten by a nearby shark.

A lot of sand moving.

The more the fish moved, the cloudier and more chaotic the environment became.

More sand was coming up. Now the fish was no longer able to see what was happening.

Its fear created a big storm by moving and shaking.

And this attracted the shark’s attention.

In this cloud of sand, the fish became paralyzed.

As it stopped moving, the sand settled down. The water became clear and the fish was able to have a broader vision to allow it to choose freely which direction to take.

In this calmness, the shark went its way.

Isn’t it enlightening to know that our paths can clear when we are in a state of Total Presence?

Any pointy issue can be calmly addressed while being in this state.

Law of Harmony

All that is emitted acts, reacts and returns. All that is attacked defends itself. All that pleases is accepted.

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Ana’s Life Lesson

My fears and resistance create more chaos. A state of Total Presence expands my vision, connects with my deep purpose, enlightens actions.
I can only take 100% responsibility for my own decisions.
I have the choice to create the reality I desire.

~ Ana Noriega

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Clarity Call

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