Listening to my Soul’s Call

Transformation time.

Something has awakened in 2008 and I feel the need to offer the world what I have developed.

I feel inspired, guided to create and expand as I take action.

I am in flow.

Why did I decide to take a Coaching course without even knowing what it entailed? I search for the perfect school until I find one that is aligned with me.

This path was meant for me.

I practice what I learn and start creating my own puzzle to offer my services. I innovate.

When I struggle, I follow and obey “the voice” that guides me to use universal laws as a framework.

By re-educating my own Ego, I’m making the unconscious – conscious.

Understanding flow and universal principles has continued guiding me, especially during times when I have felt challenged, disconnected, or trapped.

Law of Manifestation

Nothing is created, nothing disappears. Everything is simply manifested or un-manifested. The universe always supports the reality of our beliefs.

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Ana’s Life Lesson

Everything is perfect.

In a state of Total Presence, connecting to one’s intuition gives us power to effortlessly become a channel to manifest what is meant to be manifested.

~ Ana Noriega

Other Universal Laws

road with trees - A quantum jump
happy couple watching sunset - Being in love Vs Universal Love
image of the sear - Initiation - Rebirth in the face of death

Clarity Call

If this is the time for you to Find deep meaning
& Claim your power to transform

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Total Presence