Initiation – Rebirth in the Face of Death

2 hours is all it took. In a limitless, agitated ocean.

There I was alone, with water up to my neck and my voice drowned by the crashing waves, waiting to be rescued in the middle of the Atlantic.

Two diving instructors appear, throwing emergency signals to the closest possible boat. And somewhere, from a distance, approached safety at a dramatically slow rate – a ship coming to rescue us.

Time was frozen in this intolerant ocean.

An arctic cold took over my body. I began to tremble uncontrollably as I had never experienced before.

There he was, right there.
My husband, limp and unconscious – with no signs of regaining consciousness.

He was proclaimed dead shortly after.

And my entire world came crashing down.

One day after starting a new year, full of expectations and resolutions. Time lost its dimension.

What I did not realize then I know today. I was initiating a journey of meaning and cosmic connection. This transition would open the path for me to reveal answers to key questions that would lead to discover deep truth, recognize the order behind the apparent chaos in which the mind navigates, and the potential that we all have to make magic out of the stories we create.

It didn’t feel right, but it was the only way destined for me.
When everything collapses, the universe is opening a space for rebirth.

Law of Evolution

Suffering and chaos are necessary tools to awaken a deeper level of our dormant consciousness.

Ana’s Life Lesson

No matter what, we ALWAYS get the support necessary to go through the experience we need to live.
When the Disciple is ready, the Master appears.
When the mind is ready to go through a transformation, ALL necessary elements align to support the process.

~ Ana Noriega

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Clarity Call

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