Being in Love vs. Universal Love

Being trapped in a relationship is codependency.

No matter how good it makes you feel.

When a cycle is over, it is useless to try extending it. The unavoidable result is weakness, stress, saturation, blockages, and lack of power to start a new cycle.

So in a rollercoaster of emotions, I chose to TRUST.

And then I met Gabriel.

We connected. Our intentions flowed to set a foundation that would allow growth as individuals and as a couple.

In spite of our different backgrounds, happiness, support and partnership increasingly grew when facing adversities.

We created something new and powerful by dropping what is not part of Love.

And the magic happened.

Law of Nature

All living beings have a genetic function and an instinctive sense to continue the species, being in love is part of it.

Law of Love

“All that happens in life has a profound meaning of Love.”
When the soul leads, there’s a feeling of freedom. People connect from a higher purpose, create, innovate, learn, support each other, find opportunities to grow, and multiply.

Ana’s Life Lesson

Ownership of our inner growth and nurturing a common purpose enables us to create something bigger than what is created individually.
Difficulties don’t interrupt flow if we choose LOVE .

~ Ana Noriega

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Other Universal Laws

image of the sear - Initiation - Rebirth in the face of death
happy couple watching sunset - Being in love Vs Universal Love
road with trees - A quantum jump

Clarity Call

If this is the time for you to Find deep meaning
& Claim your power to transform

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