About Ana

I grew up in a developing country where war, violence, poverty and social disparities are compiled in statistics. My childhood was better than most, but even at a young age, I knew that much understanding, learning, and the transformation was near. And so I began to search for truth at an age when the tools were not yet available to me.

In a country where
Comfort zones were encouraged
Co-dependency was engrained in our DNA
Consciousness was not spoken of

Life became a series of patterns dictated by social environment and where happiness was found in “getting married, buying a house, having a recognized profession and a well-paid job”.
My future was strategically planned!
Until it was no longer.

holding leaf

With a mind that is strong

And a purpose that’s clear

I challenge belief systems

Without any fear

sitting in the grass

I know where you’ve been

And the drama you feel

Because I was there too

And know it feels real

At 28, only married for two years, my belief system was shaken. The very foundation of my comfort zone crumbled when my husband unexpectedly passed away.

Confusion resurfaced
Suffering, pain, anger took over me
Desperate and ready to give up on life, a strong deep inner voice guided me to seek for answers.

I embarked on an unknown path that led me to explore, study, read, travel, and meet people from different cultures, ages and experiences.
One piece at a time, my self-discovery became clearer.

The journey was long, but today I know.

I know that we all have the power to transform any blockage into clarity, order and FLOW.

We live in a Universe of infinite possibilities
Everything begins with an intentional state
Transformation becomes effortless in this state

What state do you live in?
I created TOTAL PRESENCE so that each one of us can connect with the power of consciousness and acknowledge what is meant to be manifested at any moment.

I am Ana. I’m a deep listener and observer.
I dive within to permanently expand Presence. I optimize flow, reinvent myself and discover life to the fullest every day.

The tools are available to each of us.

I can share these tools with you, so that you may do the same.

Your path of transformation is always available. It’s your choice to take the opportunity.

I Coach to help people in transition understand Universal laws behind their experiences. Access more purpose, clarity, order, and stability in life.

Trust it is Perfect. This Journey of Love Helps expand from your Shell.

Always Grateful …

Infinite thanks to Gerardo Schmedling, my main mentor, for being the channel through which information came to me, allowing me to enter the wonderful realm of understanding of Love and the perfect order of everything that exists.

And thanks to other organizations and people through which I continue inspiring and perfecting my practice:

Clarity Call

If this is the time for you to Find deep meaning
& Claim your power to transform

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