A Quantum Jump

New York. The big Apple. Big opportunities unfold.

October 2001 – in the city that never sleeps, there I was.

Unclear plans were intending to feed my soul’s need to grow, including starting a new career and a new life in a new country.

Then came an invitation to visit Montreal.

Magical serendipities led me to meet someone who offered the support to apply for Canadian residency. Was this to be my new home?

I chose to trust and start a new process.

Everything unfolded flawlessly until the very end, when 2 years later, I received my Visa that granted me permission to immigrate to a new land.

It was not easy to leave the colorful and welcoming NYC during Fall. I felt lethargic and sad, especially facing a harsher winter on the other side.

But I knew something meaningful for me was happening.

Through this transition of freeing myself from attachments, new opportunities that I never imagined, were opening up.

Law of Correspondence

Every situation is a learning experience and we are always located in the exact, corresponding place.

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Ana’s Life Lesson

The end of a cycle transitions into a new one with FLOW, just by allowing it – a Quantum Jump.
This  happens as we continue evolving.
And for those with little resistance, signs and directions become increasingly clear.

~ Ana Noriega

Other Universal Laws

image of the sear - Initiation - Rebirth in the face of death
happy couple watching sunset - Being in love Vs Universal Love
road with trees - A quantum jump

Clarity Call

If this is the time for you to Find deep meaning
& Claim your power to transform

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