Universal Laws

Determine processes of creation, manifestation and management of the universe

You've probably heard or read about universal laws or perhaps simply noticed people talking about one of them.

The famous law of attraction has opened doors of interest in our minds saturated by the beliefs of the ego.

This tells us that the planet and its inhabitants are awakening and being correspondent with the ability to understand how the universe works and how to learn to flow with it.

What are Universal Laws?

 "God does not play dice" Albert Einstein

Regardless of its name or how we are beginning to identify its principles, or whether or not we understand them, universal laws have and will always exist since they determine processes of creation, manifestation and management of the universe.

Nothing is made randomly. Everything is governed by perfect laws. Even though we may not understand or be familiar with them, we are permanently experiencing them and can verify their presence in all events manifested around us.

Different from the laws of men, which change continuously depending on circumstances, universal laws are immutable principles that provide the origin and the perfect order of everything in the universe.

Consciousness and Universal Laws

As we move forward in our development of consciousness, we discover processes that free us from the constraints of the ego and align us with the perfect order.

The knowledge of the laws supports this process and gives us light to move forward along this way that can be sometimes unknown and incomprehensible.

To begin to understand universal laws from a logical standpoint, we could start comparing them with the laws of physics. A law becomes law when it has been tested and produces the same results at any place where applied.

“Everything that happens is within the law"

This phrase leads to the following understanding: If we accept that everything that happens is within the law, this would mean that nothing can really be outlawed.

To gain a greater understanding of these universal principles, we must observe and study them with an open mind and the least contamination of the ego. A mind full of ideas, concepts and beliefs resists, opposes and refuses to understand the principles of the universe.

Everything in the universe is neutral. There is nothing good or bad, therefore there is no blame, no guilt, no injustice, no luck, not punishment, etc. All these are concepts of the ego in order to survive.

The ego (constraints learned) always wants more, because it is never satisfied with what it has. We all human beings want something now. We spend much of our lives thinking about what we want. Therefore life becomes a struggle, suffering, expectations and dissatisfaction. Throughout all this process, we miss the essential: to be happy.

If we look closely at the meaning of wanting, we can see that it is related to what we do not have.

By focusing on what we want, we forget to value, fully take advantage of and benefit from what we have.

On the contrary, when our attention is focused on valuing, the result is to optimize what we have. Therefore, we are in direct correspondence with better life experiences.

This leads us to understand the first recognition of universal laws:

It is impossible to get what we want and It is impossible to loose what we need

“All that is within the law works well, flows by itself. What is outside the law is not difficult but impossible".

This raises the following questions:

  • Why do we get what we want?

When what we want is aligned with what we need, everything flows, it is simply given. When what we want is not needed, we find blockages and impediments along the path. 

Wanting leads us to discover the laws. 

  • What do we need?

We need everything that allows us to experience life and learn to access the abundance of the universe and recognize our true reason for being. This learning takes place with everything that life gives you and all the experiences it contains. What we need can also lead us to suffering in order to learn from it.

We learn to flow with laws through what we need.

  • Why we don’t get what we want?

Because we do not know how to get it. Only when the ego recognizes it does not know, it is open to learn and flow with the knowledge that teaches how to flow. 

This is precisely the time the planet is going through. One must be saturated with the experiences of chaos, suffering and imbalance, to open the door to the information that brings light. This is the study of universal laws.

Major Laws and Minor Laws

We call major laws seven major laws governing the entire universe. We call minor laws those that apply specifically to the human experience.

Below is a general chart of the seven Major Laws.

To get out of the ego is necessary to:

Make mistakes to be able to recognize the existence of universal laws

Understand how the laws work

Decide to obey the laws





"Whenever you value and love what you have, you are within the law" 

"What you want is what you do not need and is the cause of human suffering"

Gerardo Schmedling




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When our attention is focused on valuing, the result is to optimize what we have. Therefore, we are in direct correspondence with better life experiences


How to recognize weather or not we flow with universal laws?


Results show us the existence of the laws.All physical, universal, or man-made laws are recognized the same way: by result.

Stepping out of a law of physics produces a clearly identifiable result. Here are some examples:

  • When we know that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius and that our skin does not support that temperature, we avoid any contact with it or we risk getting fatally burned.
  • When we understand the law of gravity, we can probably jump from a 1 meter height but we won’t jump from a second floor because we know we can get easily hurt.

These are simple examples that demonstrate our knowledge of laws of physics. Similarly universal laws are verified through results.

The result of stepping out of these laws is painful. Suffering, anguish, pain, disease, blockages, shortages of any kind, relationships that do not flow, violence, aggression, imbalance, etc. These are results showing that we go against laws and is precisely through these indicators that we can recognize their existence.

Any pleasant result shows obedience, consciously or unconsciously, to universal laws. Some people obey or disobey the laws without knowing it. Wisdom is to know how to get a result and not by coincidence. Knowledge is built upon verification of a result over and over again until it becomes automatic.

Obeying universal laws means to flow with them, generating internal results (joy, harmony and inner peace) and external results (excellent relationships, health, abundance and adaptability).

To obtain the two results simultaneously means that we are obeying the laws. When there is no coherence between internal and external results, we are still in a state of ignorance (we believe we know).

The recognition of not knowing is essential to be open to learn, to flow and obey (which is a challenging or impossible task for the ego in its fullest expression). This is when we begin the study of universal laws. 

We cannot accept what is not understood, and it cannot be understood unless we have lived an experience. Only comprehension allows the obedience of the laws. When we are willing to learn, the universe conspires to provide us with what is needed to learn.

Superior and Inferior Laws

Universal laws are presented geometrically, hierarchically, and with names that facilitate their identification.

Like "God", universal laws can have thousands of names. Some people may believe in its existence, and others not. Some people may understand its meaning and some not. The laws do not change because we believe or not in them, nor because we give them different names, nor because we fight or not against them. The only thing that changes is the personal experience, never the laws.

Each and every one of the seven laws is necessary to allow all the processes of the universe to function. There is a hierarchy that determines the amount of information and processes that each law manages.

The processes of the universe are manifested through two different and complementary forces: Creation and Comprehension.


Superior Laws or Laws of Creation

  • Law of Love
  • Law of Manifestation
  • Law of Polarity

Without these three laws, neither man nor the universe can create.

Creation originates from the law of love. And the understanding of creation is originated from the basic law of nature in matter.

The highest law is the law of love, which governs all other laws. That is why it is said: "All that happens in life has a profound meaning of Love."


Law of Love

  • It is the principle of order and perfection
  • It is the archive, also called absolute, which contains all and the complete information of the universe
  • This absolute principle of being at the dimensional level is located in a space called in-manifested that is also known as the nothing. Nothing because it is beyond our perception (not because there is nothing). This is the reason why philosophically it is said that nothing and everything are the same. Nothing because you cannot perceive it and all because from it arises the whole information of everything that exists.
  • Love as a highest law is neutral. It contains masculine and feminine simultaneously. By adding the masculine and feminine, positive and negative, the result is neutrality, which is the essence of being.

Law of Manifestation

By collecting information from the law of Love and using the masculine and feminine principles, the law of manifestation allows what is in-manifested to be manifested

Law of Polarity

The two principles of the universe, feminine (receiver) and masculine (giver) allow the manifestation to take place.

It is impossible to step out of these superior laws because they are laws of creation and they act on all others. This means that the higher laws can never be violated. It is also impossible to go against the inferior laws, although it is possible to step out of them as they are in charge of evolution and they manage less information and processes in the universe.

We step out of the inferior laws in order to discover them. Once discovered, we can learn to flow with them, reason why it is said: “Everything is within the law”.


Inferior laws or laws of comprehension

These laws allow understanding of the processes of creation of the universe through experience. Under these three laws are all the experiments needed to understand the creation; experiments in social, scientific, technical, economic, administrative, and in all fields related to human activity.

Law of Correspondence

  • Every situation is a learning experience
  • Every circumstance is generated by oneself
  • There is no event that does not correspond with whom lives it
  • We are always located in the exact and corresponding place
  • We come to life with what is necessary to live it
  • Only happens what has to happen
  • Only what is necessary is given or is possible to have 

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Law of Harmony

  • All that is emitted acts, reacts and returns
  • All that is attacked defends itself
  • All that pleases is accepted
  • Only love can transform the beast in men
  • Only comprehension prevents destruction
  • Situations have to be managed as opposed to them managing us
  • The example is the best teacher

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Law of Nature

  • All that complements itself attracts itself
  • All living being requires specific food for their specie
  • All manifestation in nature requires the right conditions
  • All living being has an instinctive sense of the law
  • All cycles of nature have specific functions
  • Stepping out of the law of nature has serious consequences
  • All living being has a function

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Law of Evolution

Stepping out of a law is a necessary process to recognize its existence and to learn to obey it. All these stepping out of laws are governed and allowed by the law of evolution, giving way to human experience within the lower triangle.

The law of evolution is a temporary law that allows:

The development of consciousness. Once consciousness is developed, there is no more evolution. Therefore, both inferior and superior triangles are integrated as one: earth and heaven. 

The ascendance from the inferior to the superior triangle. 

Violence and suffering as necessary pedagogical processes of the universe and necessary for the comprehension of love as a higher law.

The effect of the law of evolution disappears completely when our comprehension reaches understanding of the higher triangle.

We are on superior laws when we choose behaviors of love, to respect all beings and to coexist harmoniously and peacefully.By acting under this choice (the choice of love), we step out of the inferior triangle and transcend the law of evolution.


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