If the results you experience in your life today are not what you expect, they are generated from information that is not appropriate. Total Presence invites you to explore new perspectives, new ways of seeing life, to break patterns that bind you to the limitations of the ego, and to be open to new information of Love that leads to freedom.

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We have all been invited and summoned to form a peaceful society, are you part of it? In this wonderful eBook you will find the way to tell, and if you are not already in that correspondence, find out what you must change to achieve it.

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Films and documentaries with a brief description to hopefully entice you to explore on your own the true message behind each movie. This list will grow regularly so I invite you to visit this section frequently to be updated ejemplo.
Collateral Beauty

"You've been given a gift.This profound connection to everything. Just look for it, and I promise you it's there the collateral beauty."

Inside Out

The journey of the mind…for kids and adults!


Before learning about Humanity, you have to learn to be Human.


What would your life experience be like if you used 20% of your brain's potential? Luc Besson leaves us large seeds of truth covered by a touch of fiction


The human mind can do unimaginable and seemingly impossible things...A film to watch several times…

Fat, Sick and nearly dead

What good would all the money in the world do if you're not healthy to enjoy it?


Listen to the voice of your own inner master and there will always be light and fluidity, despite the obstacles you encounter along the way.