Mirrors of the Ego

Who’s it for?

For you conscious human seeking to learn to…

Have a peaceful dialogue with your own mind,

Communicate with your planetary companions,

Establish healthy, constructive and enriching bonds,

and Observe what is reflected from you in the mirror of your relationships.





How would you do to keep your energy battery high and not be consumed by the relationships you establish?

How do you select people you relate to? How do you select those you DON'T relate to?

People you choose or not to make relationships with, allow you to recognize yourself. If relationships DON’T work as hoped, that’s the best opportunity to massage your mind to get a different response than the automatic gives. This is called expanding CONSCIOUSNESS; the one that makes you happier, more prosperous, more efficient, more creative, more neutral and less reactive; the one that leads you towards successful results.

You are the source of what you are creating, and all creation comes back.

Sometimes it’s much easier to see others’ mistakes and stay stuck spinning on the same point, like that ballet dancer from a jewelry box.

Why waste energy spinning fueling conflict, when you can invest in improving the quality of the relationship? And if you’ve already done so consciously enough, and still skim the result, why not invest that energy in learning to make a decision that enriches you?

ALL relationships you establish have the potential to be enriching! Not all have to be enjoyable. ALL relationships have something to teach you about yourself, NOT all should be built under the same parameters.

Communication is an ART and begins with yourself. From this point, you can identify with whom and how to make agreements that benefit the purpose that brings you together.


Get comfortable, roll yourself up in your favorite blanket, a cup of tea and explore ALL the site because it's loaded with material that supports your growth!!