Healing Past and the Inner Child

Who's it for?


For you UNIQUE BEING who came to have fun creating and re-creating different scenarios in the GAME of life


The spark of your inner child who is free, ENJOYS and is CURIOUS to learn to DISCOVER and CREATE, and the maturity of teachings that left the experience of your past.



Your energetic and emotional bodies have no clocks or calendars, however, they can travel in time instantly, up to that time when they felt abused or neglected.

The emotional body doesn't operate from the same rational space of the mind. It can get trapped in a loop and make reappear a story that causes wounds if you choose to ignore it.

Presence is to welcome your emotional body, take advantage of what is hidden below the rational mind, explore their triggers, fears, and injuries, from the neutrality that brings the present.

How will you take the next step to a higher vibration of love, if you carry the weight of those past experiences in your luggage?

Presence is traveling there, to come to the now - "zero time" where you can bring together all aspects of your Being, discover a new way of relating to the energy you didn't know how to manage because you were not prepared to do it, and bring a new experience that nourishes the present and a new state of Being.





Get comfortable, roll yourself up in your favorite blanket, a cup of tea and explore ALL the site because it's loaded with material that supports your growth!!