The Game of Life

Who’s it for?

A guide for you, traveling spirit, seeking to unblock yourself, learn to create a fluid path, identify clear signs that guide you in the present, tools that ALWAYS work, and permanent enthusiasm to enjoy the game of life.



A simple test – clear signals:

What happens when you…

1. Don’t water you favorite tulips? – They die

2. Put water in the freezer? – It gets frozen

3. Forget the tea boiling on the stove? – It spills

4. Drop a crystal cup? – It breaks

5. Forget the rice cooking on the stove? – It burns

6. Put your hands on the fire? – They get burnt


Behind each answer, there are laws of physics that create the described result. Even if you don’t t know what the name of a specific law or formula is, your actions or inactions in that context, will generate the same result for you, or for me. If you want the tulips alive, liquid water, a warm cup of tea, an intact crystal cup, a well-cooked rice and not to burn your hands, you need to do something different because if you don’t, the results are unavoidable.

Here’s something you probably haven’t recognized yet...



A more personal test – WHY DO YOU…

Feel like a loose, aimless piece in the universe? 

Get your “motivation battery" discharged SO quickly? 

Fear that "the storm" or that "dead end" will be the same for the rest of your life? 

Feel that the same thing happens to you over and over again? 

Not get what you want? 

Not know how to enjoy what you have? 

Keep that feeling of "I can’t take it anymore!"? 

Confuse your stubbornness with your perseverance? 

Get terrified by not succeeding in a relationship or job, and leaving on your epitaph the words "I failed!"?

Laws also apply here. In case you don’t know they exist or haven’t learned to recognize them, your actions or inactions also create results.
By learning to recognize how laws work, you can use them in your favor instead of acting randomly against them without knowing it.
You came to create another reality from the apparent chaos that your mind shows you. So you may not be realizing it, but you are already doing it, and your epitaph for the universe will ALWAYS be: "I was successful!!!".
At the end of this life, you will review each chapter in detail, as you do it with your favorite series, because it is, and you will have a clear vision of the whole movie. You’ll see with complete clarity that you’re successful despite the storm, or rather thanks to the storm(s)! You’ll be able to recognize how that scene made so MUCH sense

Here comes the most important part…

I make this call to your conscience! No need to wait until the end of this game!
Why not make conscious sense of the movie now? Why not learn to recognize the laws while playing the game of THIS life? Why not reap the benefits of such recognition and change the scene of the storm(s) NOW?

Learn to use ALL YOUR ENERGY, body, mind and spirit to be EFFICIENT in the journey you’re traveling in this lifetime! 

The Joker is always with you!



Imagine that you’re ALWAYS carrying with you a Joker with a briefcase of light. A support kit that reminds you that there are principles - universal laws that apply, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, as with laws of physics. Indicators that allow you to flow and identify:

  • The purpose of the journey,
  • Where the tide goes,
  • Where to exit your blockages from,
  • Warning signs that tell you when to stop,
  • When and how to charge and make efficient use of your mental, physical and spiritual battery,
  • Whom to travel with and not to depend on the moment and destination,
  • What to rely on or if you’re overloaded and resisting flowing, how to free yourself of it,
  • When to support your fellow travelers and when not to,
  • and much more.

Laws have always been and will continue to govern the processes of life; it is only a question of recognizing them and learning to flow with them.

Your present gives you the keys to do it.



Get comfortable, roll yourself up in your favorite blanket, a cup of tea and explore ALL the site because it's loaded with material that supports your growth!!