Total Presence Couple's Coaching

Who's it for?

For you, conscious human fed up with the same old routine, willing to learn to BE the best version of yourself and allow the universe to generate the correspondence ALIGNED with the best of the other (... who, at the same time, expects the same from you! wink)



Has it happened to you?

You are filling out a never-ending form more questions than you would like to answer. Question 45 just before the signature says: "Civil Status?"...

In less than a second, your mind enters a gray cloud; a thousand thoughts run through your mind, loaded with rivers of emotions that flow through your body, while endlessly twirling that object you use to write:

“&%$#@ If I continue like this I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life!" or …

“Hmm I’d rather write divorced and end with this once and for all!” or…

“How much I miss feeling those butterflies in the stomach and looking forward to receiving my cupid call!” or…

“¿Do I write, married, single, widowed? Ah! –this is complicated-!” or…

 “I should write roommates given that the only things we share are debts and children!!!” or…

“Love, Love me not, Love, Love me not, with her/him or with me!?” or…

“Hmmm, will this be the definite one? Or will I have to start over again!”

Good news! You're not alone! These are repetitive phrases that I’ve collected over years of working with people looking to turn their inherited cultural and families’ couples’ style.

The Secret Fears

Are you afraid of being alone for the rest of your life?

Do you keep an inner detective ready with a magnifying glass and a list of tricky questions ready because you are suspicious of your partner lying to you?

Is your present plagued by reliving your past like a broken record?


Are you afraid to start a relationship because your previous one has broken your heart?

Do you hesitate if he/she is "THE IDEAL PERSON FOR YOU?


Do you live with your partner just to split the monthly expenses?

Do you sleep with your partner in the same bed yet there is no physical contact throughout the day (or in the same bed)?


The Magic Pill

Trust: Your prince charming or sleeping beauty is closer than what your noisy mind says.

Recognize it: Even though there are millions of Barbie’s and Ken’s (because the planet is full of them) when a relationship is based on an understanding of what Love really is, it’s ALL based on the foundations that each one brings. The rest is only part of the decoration.

Learn: The past gives you ALL the tools to enjoy a new present and live happily TODAY! Yes! Just as you read it! TODAY AS IT IS!

Train yourself: 1. In seeing the other person as he/she is and not as you want him/her to be. 2. In recognizing your own limits to be able to navigate EFFICIENTLY through the difficulties, and build in the present with your best available energy.

BE Open to Learn to make agreements, to know what actions to take when that’s not possible, communicate harmoniously each other’s needs, grow as a couple, to nurture yourself, the relationship, and also to pay the monthly expenses.

Wake up! When you learn to BE with your own vulnerability, you lose all armor that protects you and distances you from yourself and your partner.


Get comfortable, roll yourself up in your favorite blanket, a cup of tea and explore ALL the site because it's loaded with material that supports your growth!!