The Choice of Love

For us to becorrespondent to people, situations, even civilizations and worlds with higher degree of satisfaction, peace and happiness, involves breaking down all those old concepts and behavioral patterns that block the flow of total freedom towards these correspondences.

To train permanently in the application of the Choice of Love will show little by little what is it that the ego resists in order to heal, transform and co-create with the universe new and superior realities.

Every difficult or challenging situation for the ego gives us the opportunity to be free of its chains, expand our level of consciousness and learn to:

Accept situations and people as they are. To accept liberates us from struggle. 

Take responsibility for our thoughts, and for that matter, understand that we are owners of our feelings and emotions, reason why no one or nothing can be blamed for what we feel. To take responsibility liberates us from guilt. 

Adapt to and be flexible in any situation or with any person we meet in our path. To adapt liberates us from running away. 

Always Act calmly, without ever reacting and give, without exception, the best of ourselves. Conscious responses liberate from reactions. 

Be thankful, understanding that every situation in life that presents itself is an opportunity for our spiritual development. To be thankful liberates us from suffering. 

Respect that everyone has a destiny and is responsible for living and transforming it. Understand that everyone does the best they can even when making mistakes. To respect liberates us from criticism.

Value, enjoy and make good use of everything that life offers us, recognizing that we always have what it takes to be happy. To value liberates us from complaining.

“All that happens in life has a profound meaning of Love” 

Such is my vision: to bring Love in your quest to achieve the best.







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