Being happy vs. Feeling happy

Free or dependent?

One of the purposes that bring us to experience life in a human body is to LEARN how to maintain a state of everlasting happiness.

Being happy is a permanent state

Feeling happy a temporary state

Being happy sets us free…

Feeling happy makes us dependent…

The educational purpose of ego in this process is to show us our limitations, fears, beliefs that prevent us from keeping that state permanently. At the same time, it serves as an obstacle to allowing us to develop the potential to understand the formula of permanence.

It’s up to each and every one of us to learn how to lead the ego into harnessing fully the experience of learning.

The purpose of the ego is not knowing how to be happy, but “believing how to be”. The ego centers its attention on external factors, sets goals, ideals, expectations, which in some cases are achieved. They however only generate temporary positive feelings, which are confused with happiness. 

The game becomes detrimental to us when the ego wants to extend these feelings and ends up using all its resources in searches, comparisons, competitions and construction of external situations that only end up depleting our vital energy instead of generating it.

What is happiness?

Happiness is an internal mental state that happens as a result of wisdom. The less we suffer, the happier we are.

Greater levels of happiness mean that feelings are decided voluntarily and stop being induced by external situations.

Suffering is experienced by not knowing how to see reality as it is, resisting it, not accepting it, interpreting it… and as a result, we swing between positive and negative feelings.

There’s a place where we can learn to be happy… where there’s no happiness… that place is here and now.

Happiness is here and now. It floods all the space when we learn to stop suffering and resisting what IS.

When we allow this SIMPLE principle to happen, the opportunities are clear; life opens up the doors and invites us to go through them when it’s the right time because we are ready to do it.

I invite you to evaluate if you’re seizing the present to LEARN to BE happy…

1. I quit believing that happiness is in the future or that it doesn’t exist.

The future is created from the present. The only moment of action is in the present.

If I decide to be happy now, I will be happy in the future. If I don’t know how to, I can be open to learning.

The only thing that prevents me from being happy is in my mind, in the conceptual, and herein lies the solution.

2. I’m thankful, and I seize the present.

I seize and am thankful every day with its rewards and challenges because by stopping to resist what life has to offer in the present moment, I can give the best of myself to live, taking responsibility for the results of my own decisions and flowing with the learning process that belongs to me.

3. I let go of the past.

I take advantage of my mistakes by acting in a different way to co-create a new present.

The past was generated as a result of the information that I had in the past. Thanks to this information I generated the correspondent results, and thanks to these and the learning obtained along the way, I can get better results today.

4. I renounce to criticism and judgment.

I respect that others are in a learning process like me. Criticism and judgment block my educational process and prevent me from taking responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

5. I renounce the need for recognition and being right.

What’s important is that I learn to recognize myself.

Both my weaknesses and strengths can be used to develop my potential and being efficient with my own evolutionary process.  As such, I am discovering the truth that lies in dimensions higher than concepts and interpretations of my and everyone else’s ego.

6. I renounce the need to defend myself 

This is where the need to defend emerges and starts a war.

All wars are based on concepts = justifications of the ego.

7. I quit resisting what IS

I learn to accept and understand the perfection behind every event.

The universe knows more than my ego the potential I have in the present. When I resist, not only am I extending the learning process, but also making it more difficult.

The possibilities of manifesting what the ego doesn’t want are really high because we came to learn how to transcend fears and not to protect ourselves from them.

8. I quit controlling my and everyone else’s results.

I open myself to learn from them and enjoy the process more than the actual result. I allow that those around me take responsibility of their own correspondences.

9. I work on identifying and transcending my own limiting beliefs.

I acknowledge that only I have nurtured my inner self for years with limiting beliefs preventing me from BEING happy. If I do not know how to cleanse them or why I need to replace them, I seek support; a clear intention of transcendence guides me to the helping source that I need.

10. I quit being the victim

I take responsibility for my own creations, learning from them and adjusting what doesn’t generate well-being.

 What are your contributions for learning to BE happy?


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Being happy vs. Feeling happy Total Presence


Being happy is a permanent state

Feeling happy a temporary state

Being happy sets us free…

Feeling happy makes us dependent…







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