“The only cause of suffering is the inability to accept what is happening” - Gerardo Schmedling

What situations are causing you some kind of fear or suffering?

What are you not accepting in these situations?

What doyou need to understand about these situations?

How would your life be if you accepted itas it is?

If we, all human beings, do not want to suffer anymore, then why does suffering continue to be the common denominator in the human history? 

Suffering as well as contrast is necessary for human being’s process of evolution. We all agree that it is not pleasant. Nevertheless, if we understand that all that happens in the universe has a purpose of Love, then we can understand the Power of Acceptance.

It is mandatory to know darkness to be able to recognize light. It is necessary to know what heat is to be able to recognize cold. It is necessary to know sadness to be able to recognize happiness. In the same way, it is necessary to be immersed in dissatisfaction to look for satisfaction. 

As human beings, we look for full satisfaction in our lives and eagerly strive to create ideals. Most people suppose that by reaching these ideals, they can reach total satisfaction and final happiness. However, the result is that once the goal is achieved or even about to be achieved, there are new challenges and new goals on the way. 

We find ourselves in a permanent fight trying to accommodate the reality of life in our own ideals. We struggle trying to change what is here and now. 

If we can see the ideal on a major scale, we then realize that there is only one universal purpose, to learn to Love... 

...and the opportunity to embark in this journey is always in the present.

The power of Acceptance

“I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world.”  Albert Einstein 

Deep acceptance of the reality of life comes from understanding that the reality of life has two fundamental purposes:

  • To develop Consciousness through recognizing the laws that governs the universe.
  • To recognize that the teachings presented in each circumstance of the human experience have a purpose: an inner realization that liberates us from suffering.

This deep acceptance of the reality of life will give us this wonderful quality of Love: cohabitating with all beings in the Universe, expressing Love constantly and valuing every circumstance in life. 

If we can understand that every circumstance, which has some level of difficulty for either the mind, feelings, emotions or controlling reactions of the instinct, is a wonderful opportunity to learn and train ourselves in the cultivation of inner Peace, only then are we ready to apply Acceptance and renunciation and be free once and for all from mental conflict and interior suffering.

How to discern Acceptance from Resignation

An interpretation can be misleading, but it can never be the reality of the result. When we can not accept something, we obtain the same inner result of conflict and suffering  

Resignation happens from believing that we are not capable of changing circumstances. Therefore, resignation leaves constant frustration in our mind.

Resignation is the dark part of the mind that is tired of useless fighting to accommodate life for its own beliefs.

When we fall into resignation, we feel powerless while dealing with circumstances in life and feel incapable of fighting any longer.

Nevertheless, when we stop fighting, even if it is with resignation, we have the possibility to partially recover our own vital energy. This recovery could eventually lead us to understand that more important than suffering is having inner peace. 

Consequently, at any given moment, the light of comprehension will come to the mind and we will realize that the path to be free from suffering is not out there trying to change the reality of life but rather, inside ourselves trying to change the concept of life.

It is only then that we will be transcending the limitation of resignation and be entering in the path of acceptance as a way to get rid of suffering.


A. Look at the big picture

When facing any situation that confronts your mind, accept that it is only a process of universal laws like correspondence and evolution, making you a part of the big universal concert! Enjoy it!  

B. Action

When facing any situation that confronts your mind, renounce trying to change it and involving your concepts, beliefs, feelings and emotions. Do with calm and serenity, whatever you have to do and never react. Act!  

C. Develop your full potential 

Difficult situations that life is offering to you were specifically designed for you to be able toovercome and allow you to develop your potential to the fullest. Take advantage of it! 

D. How to recognize you are not accepting? 

You can find some examples on the next table:

“All that happens in life has a profound meaning of Love” 

Such is my vision: to bring Love in your quest to achieve the best










Refusing life

The opportunities to learn from difficulties


The mission and destiny experiences that every person has


Different ways of organizing and managing


Loosing something that I don’t need anymore


Other forms, paths, beliefs, options, different to mine


What others do or say or what is happening


Behaviours, attitudes different to mine


The need to adapt myself to my corresponding place


That I can live differently through loosing what I have


Others’ experiences and behaviours


Others’ habits, ideas and decisions


That others are not responsible for my own experiences


That everyone does the best with what he or she knows


That anything and/or anyone does not belong to me and that I always have what I need


That there can be different outcomes and that I give only what I can


The possibility of loosing what I have or not achieving what I want


That I am not anyone’s owner and that only Love can unite us


That I am not responsible for others experiences

 *Teachings Gerardo Schmedling -  Aceptología

 Some Reflections 

1.    How can you know that you are not accepting reality?

2.    Which situations are causing you any kind of fear or suffering?

3.    What is it that you are not accepting in each of these situations?

4.    What do you need to understand about each of these situations?

5.    How would your life look like if you could fully accept each of these situations? 



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