Welcome to Total Presence!

A space of empowerment to help you to:

  • understand the manifestations of your ego and 
  • be free of them,
  • listen to the voice of consciousness and
  • create from a space of Love flowing with universal laws.

What is Total Presence?

Total Presence, Transformational coaching

Total Presence is a permanent state of awareness of your true inner self.

The path towards this state of Total Presence allows you to:

  • Understand how the universe works, its purpose, its laws and how to be aligned, and flow with this perfect order.
  • Know the power of Love and lead your life permanently from this space.
  • Live in a permanent state of peace, balance and harmony despite the challenges you find in your way.
  • Correspond to a space of total clarity and a permanent connection to knowledge.
  • Direct your thinking towards neutrality and constantly express it by living in Total Presence here and now.
  • Be aware of the moment where you are in the evolutionary process, therefore your own destiny, mission and purpose in life.
  • Understand that the power of manifestation is within you, as well as the attraction of corresponding synchronicities through all this process.
  • Be always willing and ready to explore your potential to the fullest.

The Mission 

You can only understand what presence is by being present. 

As an active participant of the universe you inhabit, you possess the ability to co-create with it experiences of higher level of satisfaction. 

The mission of Total Presence is to support you on the path towards a state of Total Presence and facilitate the process to jump to a new level of consciousness.

The Path Towards Consciousness  

www.TotalPresence.org provides three basic elements (information, coaching and tools) for you to lead your life based on a clear understanding of universal laws, as well as thoughts, decisions and actions that connect with your true inner self. 





“All that happens in life has a profound meaning of Love” 

Such is my vision: to bring Love in your quest to achieve the best



Total Presence, Transformational coaching
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 I am here to help you understand the manifestations of your ego,  empower you to listen to the voice of consciousness and create from a space of love while flowing with universal laws

Enjoy the art of simply Being!

Ana Noriega - Total Presence